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San Pablo, California

Youth Talks

We would like to hear from the young people of San Pablo to see what they think about the city. What can be made better? What isn’t working? And what would you like to see with regard to the schools and the community to make this a better place. Please add your comments here.


7 Responses to “Youth Talks”

  1. hi i am a 20yr old young adlut i am a part of todays youth,society and future.Im a resident of san pablo and i belive in rights and i belive i have the right to live and start my family in my own home the place i was raised an brought up yes think theres alot san pablo can do to be a better place for us to bring up the next generation but forcefully kickin us out of our homes doesn’t sound far or free to me.why dont the city try helping us fix our homes if possiable ask people if they want to sell or even doniate there propity, get better teachers,fix the parks we aready have,ect!im sure im not the only one that feels this way we the people have thoughts and opinion’s just ask us some may have answers some may not but the ones who do sometime are not heard!

    • CAROLYN said

      I agree with you so much! Why not just tell us hey your house needs to fix this or that. They told a man his chimney was bad and he had to fix it. The man responded ” My gasoline stattion has no chimney.” Stupid! Iam your age and I am glad we the youth are coming together.

  2. CAROLYN said

    hello I was involved in yesterdays meeting. I spread the word by text & website. STOP EMINENT DOMAIN! It is stupid!! The most stupid think I heard at the meeting was about creating “dorms” for Contra Costa College students. Most students there are from San Pablo & Richmond. A counsil man ( I did not see who he was) stated it was for “international” students. I don’t recall ever hearing of anyone foreign transfering into Contra Costa College. This is stupid. I suggest we keep contacting news stations so our word can get out. Only 3 news channels showed up & to my knowledge only 2 of those stations put us on tv. Let’s keep putting our word out. Making more fliers & contacting news stations.

    • nubody1 said

      There is no “stupid” about it,Carolyn. These planning people are highly educated, highly intelligent, highly paid city people we pay with our taxes. Foreign students are financed (all tuition and living expenses) by rich parents, their own government, or grants from the US Government. How can San Pablo kids compete when they have to work or go into debt to go to school? Why would a planner want us to supply our valuable city property (that will be taken by eminent domain) for foreign students when they can just as well rent or buy our many vacant houses? Nothing stupid about it. It’s just another part of the plan to get rid of San Pablo people and keep them from getting an education. Every class seat at the College taken by a foreign student is one less for a San Pablo student. We need help passing out fliers. The people can’t fight back if they don’t know. call Olivia @ 510-375-2007. Regards, Shelby PS:Keep writing.

  3. Soledad Gonzalez said

    Can someone ask the registration Dep Of Contra Conta college how many international student are attending this year? And how many were attending last school year?
    There is not a better argument that statistic data
    Thanks, Soledad

  4. nubody1 said

    Rikki: You are exactly correct in what the people want. They said on the survey they want jobs, training for better jobs (like solar), parks, trees, better schools, etc. In short, the people want their money (tax and casino money) spent on them. But the plan is to take business properties up and down San Pablo Avenue (and the houses behind, including mine) and 23rd Street. The city will buy them out with the people’s money and if any person doesn’t like the price they threaten them with condemnation and they get nothing. And these city people who are doing this don’t live here and don’t pay taxes here, but we pay them fabulous salaries. (see salaries on front page of this blog.)And everything is approved by the city council.
    However, you are incorrect if you think they don’t hear you. They hear you and ignore you. But not on this blog. Keep writing. We need our young people to stand up and be heard. Tell your friends to write here, too.
    PS: We need help, now, passing out fliers, door to door. Can you help? call Olivia at 510-375-2007. We must get the word to the people about what is being done. I figure the Plan A, Plan B is only the first step. They will pick off the houses row by row and the people can do nothing if the Amendments pass. google:san pablo ca
    (city site)>search> (type in)Community Workshop Summary>p. 8,9. These are maps, Plan A, Plan B on what the city
    can/will take with eminent domain. Read the page before to verify they will take all houses behind the stores on 22nd Street. And they say at the meetings they won’t take houses. Also: search Amendments on city site. They say if your house needs “modernization” they can take it with eminent domain. Why didn’t they read those Amendments to the people at the meeting? The short paragraph tells the people they can take anything. Help us stop this.

  5. CAROLINE said San pablo Is on the list of most dangerous gas lines

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