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Redevelopment Agency


2 Responses to “Redevelopment Agency”

  1. Lloyd Guccione said

    Dear Reader,
    A friend in the terraces of Monte Rio on the Russian River recently asked me to visit your site. It is a very interesting and welcome example of how to ‘network’; as some say.
    Along the Russian River we had a redevelopment project imposed upon us in 2000 after a prolonged fight and legal challenges; we lost. After 10 years we have a gutted ‘Oversight (Advisory) Committee’, hidden administrative costs, a community that is divided and political gamesmanship that makes a mockery of public meetings. So far the project has resulted in limited and questionable results. Most recently the an administrative “tack-on” of $105,000.00 was added onto a commercial facade renovation project (project funded for $750,000.00). The tack-on was for “staff design and contruction services.” Almost needless to say redevelopment staff and community development staff have no design and/or construction licenses or degrees of relevance to provide such services; nevertheless the add-on was approved by our local county board of supervisors and recently defended by our local fifth district supervisor. Such is the way of things now-a-days. It seems you can “vent”, do your homework, but the powers that be are eternal. All we can seemingly do is pay our ‘tythes’ and thank our new fashioned fuedal overlords for their good care of us all. Such as it is.
    Lloyd Guccione in Guerneville on the Russian River

  2. shelby said

    Dear Lloyd:
    Greetings to you and the best beloved at Monte Rio. I was there a few weeks ago and found the beauty of the trees, the river, the bounding deer so breathtaking ! Would that I could join you and renew my spirit so depreciated by this endless struggle against those of the fiscal gluttony, those who have abandoned their fiduciary responsibilities, those who use their highly (taxpayer) paid positions (city manager)and elected positions (city council) to drive people into homelessness and despair…..and on the dole which will cost the Ca taxpayer more and more while concurrently services will be cut.(ck Congressional Budget Office report for what’s to come. Things are not looking too chipper.)
    Googled your name to determine how deep you were into the battle so as not to burden you with info already yours and, of course, to determine your stance. Conclusions?
    (1)My,my. It appears you have ruffled a rat..or mouse. I, also, have encountered objections to my ‘style’. I finally said at meeting: “Look, I’m not here to make you feel warm and fuzzy. That’s the job of your spouse, your lover or whatever. I’m here to present you with facts. And if you find anything I say incorrect, I want to hear about it promptly.” But there were still comments that I am too adamant, and, in fact, rude.(google:wikipedia INTJ)

    This fits with the statistical evidence that people vote per personalities not issues. Style is so much more important than arriving at conclusions on the basis of proper analysis and documented facts. Look good, smile, be nice and voila! You are totally credible. And that’s, no doubt, why we get what we got. That and there is really isn’t any choice. When Obama claimed to be a Christian and then said “find ’em and kill ’em’, I scratched him. The thought process lacked structural integrity. (No, I’m not religious.)And when he stuffed the White house with banksters and sent more off to die and be maimed I said “It figures”, while others said “uhh, duh..what’s he doing?” Then comes the bailouts and the insurance give-a-way health plan. It figures. The puppet is ruled by the puppet masters.
    (2)Re: RDA: -It stinks. It’s just another way to pump money out of the states to the Wall Street banksters from interest on the bonds. ck the budget and CAFR. How much interest on RDA bonds and other debt in last 5,10 years?
    -It sucks money away from necessary services.
    -It makes rich developers richer while ruining charming little towns with more population they don’t want or need. They always say “It will bring you jobs and tax money.” It doesn’t and this has been documented.(google:Public Policy Institute of California, “Subsidizing Redevelopment in California” and “Public Power, Private Gain”, Castle Coalition.)Castle is sub of Institute for Justice. They fought to Supreme Court for Kelo.
    -It causes an increase in taxes to the existing population to support the needed increase in schools, police, fire, etc. from more population. The TIF money goes to pay bond debt.
    -It offers too many opportunities for corruption and nepotism. Ck who’s getting the contracts, the property and how. Look under fictitious business names for actual owners. Unfortunately, there’s a million ways to transact property without it showing on the records.
    -It’s unnecessary. If it makes sense to build (and the people want it), private people will come in with their own money. RDA distorts private markets.
    -It encourages people to think ‘more is better’. It isn’t. And once the land is given up to developers and the crime and taxes go up, it’s too late.
    By the way, while tracking you I ran into Joe Bageant. What a giggle. Just to know there are people out there who have got it wired (and with such humor!)is heartening. Have you see Michael Moore’s “Capitalism:A Love Story”?
    PS: Or maybe trying to ‘fix things’ is working against nature. Maybe the game is big fish eat little fish and sleepy sheep get fleeced. I don’t know. Your thoughts?

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