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San Pablo, California

City Council


2 Responses to “City Council”

  1. annabel said

    Hey All,

    Happy Father’s Day! Just to let you know tomorrow nights council meeting, June 21st, 7pm has 3 items of interest:

    1. Under destruction of public records it list 6 rehabilitated homes, 5 of which are on the blight list. Seems like the blight list is incorrect or rehabilitation doesn’t work…
    2. Public trails, funding and assessments. Nobody wants a public trail in their back yard. I wish they would stop this nonsense…
    3. The settlement for the old Caspers building is finalized. This is the last eminent domain project. They are probably going to tear down the structure and build apartments…

    So long Caspar!

    • Rich Kinney said

      I see alot of condo style apartments over ground level business shops built on main thoroughfares in most cities. I think it’s a good idea because it brings more people to downtown areas and helps the businesses. I know when people live in an area it helps bring life there and that’s good for our streets.

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