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Posted by xaviervir on May 20, 2014

In light of Doctors Hospital closing and the constant threat by the county of closing Fire Station #70,  the city has come up with a plan to cut the cost of Emergency Medical Services.  Passage of measure ‘K’ will allow the city of San Pablo to create an (EMS) Emergency Medical Services Hybrid Model.  Instead of sending out a more expensive Fire truck to respond to medical emergency calls, the city will deploy a smaller EMS vehicle manned by emergency medical technicians and/or paramedics to handle the call. 


1.  Measure ‘K’ will increase our sales tax by 1/4.

2.  Measure ‘K’ is not a property tax increase.

3.  Doctors Hospital is closing and Fire Station #70 could be closed.

4.  In 2013, five (5) County fire stations were closed due to budget constraints.

4.  If measure ‘K’ passes, San Pablo residents will have their own Emergency Medical Services Squad.

5.  80% of all medical emergency calls at Fire Station #70 are for San Pablo residents.

We need to all get behind measure ‘K’ and pass it.

 VOTE ‘YES’ ON ‘K’ !


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