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    This blog is for us, the people of San Pablo and guests, to share information and concerns about our city, our government, our schools, our neighborhoods, our businesses, our religious centers, and any and all issues we deem important. It is also for us to ‘talk back’ to each other and government about the issues and questions that concern us. We commit to be respectful of each other. There is much we can accomplish working together.
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Posted by xaviervir on August 29, 2012

My name it Xavier Viramontes and I created this blog in 2009.  This blog was created to support a resident/homeowners group known as San Pablo Against Eminent Domain in their fight against City Hall.  At that time, the San Pablo City Council was about to grant the power of ’eminent domain’ to their Redevelopment Agency.  The power of ’eminent domain’ would have given the Redevelopment Agency the right to take property away from the homeowners and to use this property as they saw fit.  THIS DID NOT HAPPEN.  Our group, San Pablo Against Eminent Domain prevailed and the Redevelopment Agency did not get the power of ’eminent domain’.  We later changed the name of our group to San Pablo Community Alliance.   THIS BLOG EXPRESSES THE VIEWS OF SOME OF THE RESIDENTS OF SAN PABLO.  WE ARE NOT PART OF CITY GOVERNMENT AND WE DO NOT SPEAK FOR THE CITY COUNCIL.   Along the way, we have encouraged our members to run for City Council.  In this years election we did endorse Rich Kinney for City Council.  We would now  like to withdraw that endorsement and remain neutral in this years election.  The following exchange of comments brought about the withdrawal of our endorsement:

Henry said

August 26, 2012 at 5:17 PM e

where does he stand on illegal aliens ???


  • August 28, 2012 at 7:50 AM eHi Henry, thanks for asking the question. It’s important that people are having respectful, concerned and intelligent dialogue.

    My personal opinion is America is one of the few nations people can come to illegally and get away with it. It would make a good story to research what would happen if we tried that in every other nation. Sometimes our exercise of Constitutional freedoms are stretched beyond what and whom they were intended for.

    The Law is the Law, and should be upheld the same in every State of the U.S.
    I do not believe it’s healthy or wise for San Pablo to try to copycat the big local Cities, in this one way especially, the ‘Refuge City’ mentality. Perhaps San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose and Richmond are massive enough to absorb the extra cost of responsibility, but our City is less than three miles in total circumference, there’s not much leveraging resources to accommodate without taking away tremendous opportunity to build our small community to meet the needs of our citizens.

    I’ve gotta run to work, but would love to talk about issues more later.

    Have a great day everyone!


    What everyone should keep in mind here is that this land, California and the other western states once belonged to Mexico.  This land became part of the United States by way of war.  This area and the entire United States was built by immigrants. Until just recently, immigration has been encourage.  My parents came to this country from Mexico.  They were illegal.  All my brothers and sisters were born in this country, so we are legal .  My parents later became legal citizens.  The brown people you see on the streets of San Pablo are part legal and part illegal immigrants.  It ought not to matter.  We’re not going to put people in trucks and haul them away.   What I see on the streets are hard working people trying to make a living and doing the best they can for their families.  These hard working people also buy goods from the local markets and pay taxes.  They are contributing to the community.  As far as people coming here to take advantage of the social services, I don’t see that.

    As far as a law is a law, my question is, is a law a law if it was made by a fool?  There are plenty of stupid laws on the books.  There once was a law that did not allow women to vote and we all know what happened to that law.

    Henry, I’m glad you posted your message.  I would like to encourage you to get as much education as you can and if you are an illegal immigrant try to become a  legal citizen.  In our little way, we can all work together and help make this city and this country a better place for all its  people, be they legal or illegal.      Xavier


3 Responses to “ABOUT THIS BLOG”

  1. patricia ponce said

    Thank you Xavier for withdrawing the endorsement of Rich Kinney. I was very surprised that San Pablo talk back endorsed him in the first place and once I saw the question about “illegal immigrants” I was even more interested to know his thoughts on the matter, there goes my vote Mr. Kinney; Xavier I echo your reply.    Regards, Patricia Ponce San Pablo resident/community advocate      

  2. patricia ponce said

    Xavier, why can’t I reply on San Pablo talk back forum? I am a subscriber   Patricia Ponce

    • xaviervir said

      Patricia -A while back we had a problem with a person sending us pages and pages of text in our comment section. This person was jamming up our blog, We now screen all incoming replies. All replies will be posted as long as they do not contain any vulgarity or call for someone’s death. We may soon drop the screening. In the mean time, send us any many comments as you wish. Thanks. Xavier

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