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Posted by xaviervir on March 3, 2012

San Pablo City Councilman Cruz has resigned due to medical problems.  The San Pablo Community Alliance hopes that the Councilman makes a complete recovery and our best wishes go out to Councilman Cruz and his family.

From the West County Times:

Ailing San Pablo councilman resigns

Posted:   03/02/2012 05:21:35 PM PST
March 3, 2012 5:37 AM GMT Updated:   03/02/2012 09:37:43 PM PST

San Pablo Councilman Arturo Cruz announced this week he will step down after recently undergoing surgery for liver cancer.

Cruz, 37, had been mostly absent from the council since September, when he underwent cardiac surgery and suffered a stroke the next day.

Cruz had collapsed at a friend’s birthday party Sept. 23 from what later was diagnosed as a tear in his aorta. After about a month of hospitalization followed by another month of recuperation, he returned to the council in late November to an emotional reception from his fellow council members, city staff, colleagues from his job at the Contra Costa County Health Services Department’s Women, Infants and Children office in Richmond, members of his union and fellow parishioners of St. Paul Catholic Church.

In a letter Thursday to Mayor Cecilia Valdez and City Clerk Ted Denney, Cruz said he was diagnosed with liver cancer in January and has since undergone surgery and gotten better.

“I know that I will continue to bounce back from these temporary setbacks, and I will continue to fight to get healthier and stronger for myself, my daughter and my family,” Cruz wrote.

At its March 19 meeting, the council will officially acknowledge Cruz’s resignation and discuss how to fill the resulting vacancy. The announcement came too late to add to the agenda of Monday’s meeting, according to a news release from the city.

“This was a very difficult decision for Councilmember Cruz,


but a necessary one at this time, so that he may take care of his health and be with his family during his recovery period,” Valdez said in a statement Friday. “Being a council member was a great source of pride for Arturo, but we all understand that he needs time to recuperate and get stronger. I am confident that we will see Arturo Cruz return one day — he is a community leader who still cares deeply about his community.”During his term on the council and in previous years when he appeared before the council as a private citizen, Cruz was an advocate for social justice, education and immigrant rights as well as young people.

In his spare time, Cruz worked with more than a half-dozen church and community organizations, including Hiz-Kidz Youth Group, the Latin hip-hop group Hiz-Panic, Bay Area Peacekeepers, United Latino Voice of Contra Costa County and Promoción Latina.

“In 2008, I answered my higher calling and was elected to the San Pablo City Council,” Cruz wrote in his resignation letter.

“It is through public service that I have been able to pursue a stronger community for San Pablo — by securing the safety and security of our residents, by providing our youth healthier alternatives from a gang lifestyle and (by) providing job training for our disenfranchised population struggling to find gainful employment and (by) providing future resources for local business development to survive in this downturned economy.

“I have greatly cared for my community and will continue to support the city in these efforts and for years to come.”



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