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Posted by xaviervir on November 24, 2011

The City is planning on developing land directly across from  the new Medical Center being built on San Pablo Avenue.  This development will contain shops and restaurants.  The plan was to call this area, ‘The Avenue’.  Unfortunately, this name belongs to some other city.  So, we have to come up with a new name for this new development.  I think we should call it ‘The Circle ‘S’ Roundup’ in recognition of the Circle S Trailer Park that once stood on this land.  If you have an idea for a name, send it to City Hall.

article West County Times:

San Pablo to try again for name to planned development

Posted: 11/23/2011 11:32:26 AM PST
Updated: 11/23/2011 09:17:46 PM PST


After a first try fizzled, San Pablo will conduct another community naming contest for the retail-and-entertainment destination that is supposed to rise up some day on the former site of the Circle S and Alvarado mobile home parks.

The winner of the first naming contest in September was “The Avenue,” the choice of more than half of the 473 respondents. But within weeks, a Georgia company with a chain of eight “The Avenue” shopping centers in three Southeastern states gave notice that it has a trademark on the name.

“The Avenue” had trounced two other finalists selected by an ad hoc committee that included Mayor Paul Morris, Councilman Leonard McNeil and City Manager Matt Rodriguez; the other two were Chattleton Square and Chattleton Promenade. A namesake street, Chattleton Lane, exists on the site’s northwestern edge.

A write-in candidate, Placita San Pablo, fetched 62 votes, or 13 percent, to finish in third place. Placita’s strong showing persuaded the committee to include it as a finalist this time, along with Chattleton Square, Chattleton Place — tweaked from the previous contest’s Chattleton Promenade — and La Avenida — Spanish for “The Avenue.”

“This time, we’ll research the names to make sure they’re not trademarked,” Assistant City Manager Kelsey Worthy said Monday, shortly before the council authorized the new contest.

Chattleton Square and Promenade survived the first round without anyone claiming the

rights to the names. Placita San Pablo as yet is untested. And if anyone should lay claim to La Avenida, it apparently won’t be the Georgia company, Cousins Properties Inc.Worthy said Cousins has no trademark on “La Avenida” and that it has no objections to San Pablo’s use of the name.

Rich Kinney, pastor of Revival Generation Ministries in San Pablo, asked the council to add Huichun Village to the mix; the name is a reference to a subset of the Ohlone tribe that is native to the East Bay. But Mayor Paul Morris said the ad hoc committee had done its work and that it was too late to add another finalist.

Kinney could follow Placita’s playbook and campaign for Huichun Village as a write-in candidate, however.

“We walk on their blood; we walk on their burial sites; we trampled all over them,” Kinney said after the council meeting. “We owe them the courtesy of some memorial, that they haven’t been forgotten.”

At the very least, Kinney said, he will advocate installing a historic display in a central part of the shopping center to bring attention to the area’s indigenous people.

These days, the city’s most common reference to Indians is the San Pablo Lytton Casino, owned by the Lytton Band of Pomo Indians, a tribe native to Sonoma County.

The new naming contest will likely begin in the new year, to give San Pablo officials time to vet the names.



2 Responses to “WHAT’S IN A NAME?”

  1. Rich Kinney said

    Thanks, Xavier, for posting this article shedding light on the developing situation in our City. I would really like to see the City Officials agree on honoring our first nation people in our City. This is an important step to initiating the spirit of reconciliation which is a much needed and long overdue component to an improved quality of life in our region.

    A small nominal plaque or street name change won’t accomplish the level of deep respect needed in effectual reconciliation. However, it’s possible the Huchiun people might accept our choosing to name one of our most prestigious accomplishments, “Huchiun Village”.

    We would need to consult with their surviving relatives and seek out aspects of authentic village life to portray in the development. We could have Huchiun village life displays in strategic locations throughout the development or put them all together in an outdoor memorial which can be viewed by all patrons.

    I find this concept to be an important step in showing honor and respect for the Huchiun people who gave up everything, their very way of life for them and their beloved ancestors, to make way for the life we now enjoy. We owe them big time!

    This is the least we can do.

    Rich Kinney
    Candidate for San Pablo City Council 2012
    San Pablo resident since January 1999

  2. Rich Kinney said

    This is what I posted on the City of San Pablo FaceBook side column.

    “I’m requesting that San Pablo Council seriously consider creating a legitimate memorial for the 1st People group of Rancho San Pablo, the Huchiun Ohlone. A great opportunity for that is to name the Circle S project in their honor. The name ‘Huchiun Village’ is very appropriate. People would call it ‘The Village’ for short. Honor is huge for creating peaceful communities – go all the way back!”

    Rich Kinney

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