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Posted by xaviervir on August 15, 2011

If you are a resident of San Pablo and would like to find out more about your city,  join a committee.  The following committee vacancies have been listed on the city website:

Boards and Commissions

Get involved in your community by joining a Board or Commission.
Represent San Pablo!  Apply to serve the City!  Join Commissions – Become involved!

San Pablo residents who want to serve the community are invited to apply for one or more of numerous committee openings.  Volunteers are sought for:

  • San Pablo Community Foundation – 4 vacancies
  • Advisory Committee on Aging – 6 vacancies
  • Beautification Committee – welcomes new members
  • San Pablo/Manzanillo Sister City Committee – welcomes new members
  • Contra Costa County Library Commission – San Pablo representatives – 1 member; 1 alternate

Applicants must live within the San Pablo city limits.  To apply you may (1) go to the city website and download the application; (2) come into the City Clerk’s office at 13831 San Pablo Avenue, Buillding 1; (3) or call (510) 215-3000.



  1. Rich Kinney said

    Hello San Pablo Talk Back! This is my first time on your blog, and I hope it will become another internet home for me. Since I already know most of you because I host the San Pablo Community Alliance meetings, I already feel like you’re family!

    I’ll tell you a little more about myself in future communications, and it’s kinda late as I write, so may I conclude my opening remarks by announcing,

    “I am an official candidate for the City Council of the City of San Pablo!”

    Of all the many things it means, one thing for sure is, I’ll need your votes in 2012. And to get there I’ll need a team of people who want to indulge in the excitement of participating on a campaign. If you’re interested in joining my campaign please let me know.

    Talk to you soon! Rich Kinney

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