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Posted by xaviervir on March 10, 2011


For Immediate Release

Date of Transmittal:   Wednesday, March 9, 2011



(SAN PABLO, CA)  The City of San Pablo is pleased to announce that it has been selected by the Koshland Committee of The San Francisco Foundation (TSFF) as the recipient of its 2011 Daniel E. Koshland Civic Unity Award.

Through an extensive community research and interview process, San Pablo was informed on January 27, 2011, that it would be working with The San Francisco Foundation, which is making a five (5) year, $300,000 financial commitment to improving the quality of life within San Pablo.  Over the next few months, the Koshland Program will be selecting a group of community leaders/residents to partner with the Foundation as Koshland Community Fellows for the next 5 year period.

An awards celebration will be held in Spring 2011 once the Community Fellows are selected.  Each Community Fellow will participate in a six month leadership training program following a set curriculum focusing on building skills for more effective communication and conflict resolution across diverse communities, promoting active citizenship and political empowerment, and strengthening mediation and facilitation skills.  Following this leadership training, the Community Fellows will create a comprehensive vision and a plan for what they will achieve in the community, and during the next five years collaborate on a project that promotes civic unity in San Pablo.

On February 7, 2011, the San Pablo City Council established a working group of two (2) Councilmembers to collaborate with the Koshland Program and Community Fellows, and will report back periodically to the entire City Council on progress. Vice-Mayor Cecelia Valdez and Councilmember Leonard McNeil comprise the working Council subcommittee and will extend information and community resources to support the Koshland Program and Community Fellows once selected.

“We are very excited that the Koshland Committee and The San Francisco Foundation selected our diverse community and believe that a community project that promotes civic unity throughout neighborhoods, and supports collaborative efforts, leadership development, and the celebration of the diversity in San Pablo will be extremely beneficial to our community”, stated Mayor Paul Morris.

“When we met the extraordinary and impressive neighborhood leaders in San Pablo, we saw first-hand the tremendous potential of this community,” said Retha Robinson, Koshland Program Director at The San Francisco Foundation. “We look forward to working with these residents as they try innovative approaches to bring people in the San Pablo community together.”

For more information on the Koshland Program at The San Francisco Foundation, please contact Retha Robinson, Koshland Program Director, at Additional information from the City of San Pablo can be provided through the City Manager’s Office listed below.



  1. Shelby said

    Great ! “…improving quality of life…” No doubt the city people will want the people’s input.If not, we need to get back to the Foundation and let them know about the tens of millions of our money the Redevelopment Law mandated was to improve our quality of life, deal with blight, create jobs, etc. That should get a little media attention. We shall inform the people and see how they would like the money spent. Talk about it on Saturday.

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