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Posted by xaviervir on January 22, 2011

Write Governor Brown and encourage him to go through with his plan to  SHUT DOWN redevelopment agencies in California.  You can write: Governor Jerry Brown, c/o State Capitol, Suite 1173, Sacramento, CA 95814.

To leave a phone message:  916-445-2841

To leave an E-mail message go to:

To fax the Governor:  916-558-3160

The following article appears in today’s West County Times:


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California cities may sue Brown over redevelopment proposal

By Patrick McGreevy Los Angeles Times
Posted: 01/21/2011 06:13:14 PM PST
Updated: 01/21/2011 06:13:43 PM PST

SACRAMENTO — In a show of strength, more than 100 mayors and city council members from throughout California came together Friday to protest Gov. Jerry Brown’s plan to shutter their redevelopment agencies, calling it an illegal money grab and warning that they will sue the state if it is adopted.

Standing together with labor activists and business executives at the Sacramento Convention Center, the city leaders said they would vigorously oppose the governor’s redevelopment proposal in the Legislature and, if necessary, in the courts.

“We would hate to have to take the state to court in order to uphold the will of the voters, but we will do it if we are forced to do it,” said Chris McKenzie, executive director of the League of California Cities.

Brown has proposed that redevelopment programs, which divert tax revenue from schools and other government coffers to pay for economic development projects, should be shut to free up $1.7 billion for basic services, including education and public safety. The proposal is part of his plan to reorganize government and close a $25 billion budget deficit.

But two days after Brown spoke to the city leaders and urged their cooperation, the mayors and council members said Friday that the governor needs to find another way of fixing the state’s budget mess.

“It would prevent us from continuing to address the blighted communities, and these are focused on low-income areas,” said Riverside City

Councilman Andy Melendrez.Ridgecrest Vice Mayor Jerry Taylor said his city recently sold $24 million in bonds to pay for new redevelopment and has counted on it to significantly improve the isolated community.

Several city leaders said they generally like Brown, but it was clear that his proposal has struck a nerve, and some took a jab at him, pointing out that Brown had redevelopment funds at his disposal when he was mayor of Oakland. “I don’t think it’s right to deprive the leaders of Oakland or any city the use of a tool that he (Brown) used in order to create jobs and create housing in Oakland,” McKenzie said.

The city leaders, who were already in Sacramento to attend a conference, said Brown’s proposal is in conflict with the will of the voters, who in November approved Proposition 22, a ballot measure that sought to prevent the state from taking or borrowing local government funds, including redevelopment money.

McKenzie, who is an attorney, contends that the proposal to shut the state’s 398 redevelopment agencies also violates the state constitution, which requires the tax increment money to be paid to redevelopment agencies to repay the public cost of redevelopment. And though many East Bay cities were not represented alongside McKenzie on Friday, many support the league’s efforts, San Pablo’s City Council, for instance, on Jan. 31 plans to declare formal opposition to Brown’s proposed redevelopment reforms.

Evan Westrup, a spokesman for the governor, said later Friday that the state had done a “thorough legal review” of the redevelopment proposal before it was made.

“We are confident that the governor’s budget proposal is legally sound,” Westrup said. “Redevelopment agencies were created by an act of the Legislature, and they can be eliminated by an act of the Legislature. It’s time for all of us, including local government leaders, to set aside narrow perspectives and turf wars and act as Californians first to address the state’s budget deficit.”


One Response to “WRITE GOVERNOR BROWN !!”

  1. Jes Muse said

    You have no idea the magnitude of the decision to get rid of all of the Redevelopment Agencies. It is very ignorant of you to back this brash move by Gov Brown. How many millions of dollars will the State be forced to pay in unemployment after the Redevelopment Agencies are destroyed? Those employees and any employees that work for companies that hold contracts with the Redevelopment Agencies will be left without jobs.
    Where is the money going to go after they slaughter this sacred cow? Education? What, so the School Boards can continue to mismanage their funds and not actually get the funding to the teachers and in to the classrooms where it needs to go? To Parks & Rec where their employees are lazy and their standard of care for our parks is piss poor, yet they work for $40+ per hour?

    By dissolving the Redevelopment Agencies Gov Brown will be breaking hundreds of contracts. Those in charge of those contracts will lock the government up in legal battles that could last longer than Brown’s term in office and cost millions upon millions of dollars. Your tax payer dollars. Do you really want to support these actions and thus endure these repercussions?

    I urge you to really think about it. And think about it beyond the immediate. Think about the ripple affects and the long term affects. Please.

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