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About Lake School

Posted by xaviervir on January 7, 2011

Statement by Shelby:



(1) The people of San Pablo have invested millions of dollars by taking on millions of bond debt as an investment in our children and community. Now a handful of people want to wipe out our investment and sell off the school property to developers.

(google WCCUSD: “marketability of property is factor is in closing school.”)

WCCUSD bonds passed 2000-2005= $850M. (Plus we are paying $90M on city bond debt.) If they close schools, we still pay for 20, 30 or more years.


(2) WCCUSD issued more school bonds in previous decade (K-12) THAN ANY DISTRICT IN CALIFORNIA but L.A. and San Diego and “$100M yet to be spent.” Google: for bond info.  Question: Where did all that money go? Having nice school structures is fine, but kids don’t that with them when they graduate. They take what they are taught. WE NEED OUR MONEY INVESTED IN EXCELLENT TEACHERS or San Pablo kids will not make a good income in the future.


(3) Closing schools will not solve the fiscal problem of the District. The real problem is the salaries and benefits at the top are too high. We pay WCCUSD Superintendent Bruce Harter $289k/yr total. That’s more than the salary of the governor of California.  The total of all salaries of WCCUSD people who make over $100k/yr is $7,749,773. Anyone making over $100k is in top 25% OF THE COUNTRY. We can’t afford this. In this economic climate, we can find good people who will work for less. People don’t earn this kind of money.  They negotiate it behind closed doors. (google:CCTimes and put in “public employees salaries” in search for all salaries our tax dollars are paying for.)


(4) The WCCUSD calculations on school enrollment vs. capacity does not include that we have 800-900 empty houses in foreclosure and/or bank owned. What will happen when people buy those houses? If they close schools and sell off property, they will force us to take out more bond debt to build more schools.


(5) The San Pablo Environmental Report states  “Hundreds of acres …of land in North Richmond will be redeveloped IN NEAR FUTURE.” (page  106) Where will the new children go to school? Who will pay for the new schools that are needed?  Why are they tearing down schools when they plan on adding population? (go to city site for report.)


(6) The new General Plan for San Pablo plans on adding hundreds of living units to San Pablo, contrary to the wishes of the people who live here who like the small town atmosphere.  The plan is to stack and pack people into squashed four story high apartments creating congestion, bad air, and crowded classrooms and    hundreds more children. More schools will have to be built.  Who pays? The taxpayer. You will, I will. Who is doing this? The city council and city manager.


(7) One WCCUSD criteria for closing schools is “geographic equity”. San Pablo has the lowest income and the highest unemployment in nine counties yet we are paying the highest taxes in this county and likely in many counties.  Why? Compliments of WCCUSD, your city council and city manager. It was their duty under the law to act in your best interest and inform you. They haven’t.  They said, “Oh, too bad we must close the schools…” until WE PUSHED BACK.


(8) From 2004-2009 the San Pablo Redevelopment fund income was $89.9M. That was our tax money. The law says redevelopment funds should be for eliminating blight and creating jobs. What ‘blight’ was eliminated in our neighborhoods? What jobs or job training for higher income? None. Some money went into schools, but KIDS DON’T TAKE THE SCHOOLS WITH THEM WHEN THEY LEAVE!  They get good jobs and make higher income from what they learn and this requires excellent teachers.


Shelby Ruth Chapel


Resident San Pablo

General Plan Advisory Committee

San Pablo Against Eminent Domain

San Pablo Community Alliance


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