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Posted by xaviervir on September 27, 2010

California Federation of Teachers:


Promotes on-time budgeting and helps prevent late budgets that hurt schools and colleges and make it hard for districts to plan.  To keep their doors open, community colleges have to borrow money until a budget is passed.

Ends backroom deals made to reach the super-majority needed to pass a state budget.   Legislators have given giant corporations big tax breaks, and even threatened taking away the 8 hour workday and lunch breaks.

Brings sanity to California’s broken budget process by changing the vote for passage from a super-majority (67 percent) to a simple majority (50 percent plus 1).  All states but Arkansas, Rhode Island and California require a simple majority.

Holds legislators accountable for failing to do their jobs.  If they fail to pass a budget on time, they don’t get paid.  And they  can’t  pay themselves back later.



One Response to “VOTE YES ON PROP. 25”

  1. Vote NO on Prop. 25 to keep the Prop. 13 exemption for older
    homeowners and stop mob rule from finally overtaking Sacratomato.
    Our State government is already beyond bankrupt. Do you want to give this same group of loony toons unlimited power to drive CA over the brink??

    I’m an Independent and have watched the Democrats try to shove this down our throats for years. I also believe passage of this kind of legislation will make it much easier to instigate redevelopment projects and take away private property rights here in California

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