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Posted by xaviervir on September 9, 2010

They’re trying to stop the initiative  process!

They’re trying to keep the people quiet!

The $200 fee is an outrage!!!

Statement by Shelby :

This initiative fee issue has not been proposed to address a problem.  How many citizen initiatives have there been in the last five years? In the last ten years?  I suggest none.  So it’s not as if the people here  have become hyper actively involved in government  and the city is overwhelmed with initiatives.

Or is the city in such desperate straights for revenue they must scratch around for the possibility of an additional $200?  Hardly.  That amount is less than trivial to the budget, though it may be significant to a San Pablo person.

Is the amount appropriate?  That’s the maximum amount allowed by law.  It may be appropriate to a high-income community.  It is certainly not here in San Pablo.

So why are you even considering a $200 fee for a citizen initiative?  Clearly this is a preemptive strike on the people of San Pablo.  There is the vague possibility that sometime in the future some person or group would have the audacity to exercise their democratic right to initiate an action to benefit the people.  And you want to make it as difficult as you can.  Rather than encourage civic participation, you want o drive down the people of this city who are suffering 22% unemployment and over 900 foreclosures into a space where you think they can do nothing.

Any council member who votes for this is acting against the interests of the people of San Pablo. There is no rational reason to enact this fee.  But go ahead.  Do it. Step forward and identify your self.  You take $50k from the defenseless week and elderly.  You criminalize desperate trash pickers. You spend tens of millions of the people’s money to benefit the developers and so-called consultants, but give no jobs or job training to the people.  Continue on this path.  And then go home and read the history of this country.  There is an action, reaction in human behavior as inevitable as it is in physics.  And your actions will follow you long after you have left office.



  1. shelby said

    This statement was read to the city council on September 7,2010. All but Morris voted for the $200 fee. At the last eminent domain city council meeting, I had hoped their vote to comply with the will of the people indicated they would begin to listen and start spending our resources on us for jobs, job training for the people, and possibly reduce the cost of living by solar installation on homes.
    Instead, millions of our dollars have since been spent to buy and prepare land for development, and on ‘consultants.’
    My thinking was “Let’s give them a chance to change….or let them hang themselves on their own rope.” They have clearly chosen the latter. There is no change. Only when the people speak with petitions, showing up at cc meetings and taking to the streets do they respond. But we can’t do that on every issue. So, it appears they must be replaced. This is their choice, not ours. They have been given ample time to comply.

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