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Posted by xaviervir on August 22, 2010


Subject: Upcoming MORR Redevelopment Reform Meeting: Post at San Pablo Talk Back

I’d like to post the upcoming Municipal Officials for Redevelopment Reform (MORR)
biannual meeting in Sacramento on San Pablo Talk Back. I’ve been attending since I became aware
of the so-called DowntownEl Sobrante/Appian Corridor Redevelopment Plan. They’re a great group
and I’ve gotten a lot of information regarding the ins and outs of CA redevelopment law. Assemblyman
Chris Norby (formerly Orange County Supervisor) started this group.

I’ve attached a flyer which Karen Klinger will send to any interested party. Here is some info from Karen:


Please join Assemblyman, Chris Norby (Commentator) at the 15th Annual Conference on Redevelopment Abuse in Sacramento October 1, 2010.  See last paragraph below.   Do you have a list of the Propositions and Measures?

Assemblyman, Chris Norby calls attention to Proposition 22 and sent a notice saying:  “Prop. 22:  What it Does:
1.  Constitutionally protects redevelopment tax increment diversions.
(What Mr. Norby means is that Prop. 22 would prohibit the Governor from taking back Property Tax Increments that the
Statewide/State Redevelopment Agencies have stolen and diverted from City and County General Funds.  It is my belief that
Property Tax Increments should be used for services for the people like schools, libraries, parks, police and fire protection and
not given to developers and investors for their profit and gain.
2.  Drains $6 billion annually from schools, counties and special districts.
3.  Assures a steady stream of subsidies to developers, team owners, bond brokers and special interests.
4.  Prevents the legislature from using redevelopment property tax revenues for public purposes.
5.  Redevelopment agencies were intended to fix blight – then shut down….should they be pe permanently protected by the
California Constitution?  LEARN MORE:  Read the Ballot Arguments

Assemblyman Norby had an article published in the Orange County Register May 9, 2010, “Schools better to fight blight�.

He also sent an invitation to attend his 15th Annual Northern California M.O.R.R. CONFERENCE ON REDEVELOPMENT ABUSE –  October 1, 2010, Sacramento Sheraton, 1230 J Street, Room Reservations 916-447-1700 –“ Lunch & Afternoon Session at State Capitol – Registration $65 covers continental breakfast & lunch.  Speakers and Panel Discussions on State Budget Crisis; Proposition 22; Eminent Domain: Teacher & Firefighter Unions – Finally organizing to regain tax increment diversions). For a Registration Form call 714-871-9756 or contact me, Karen Klinger, SRWF 916-481-1071 – member of M.O.R.R. (Municipal Officials for Redevelopment Reform).  If you print this message it should have a white background that will make it easier to read.  Please send this message to everyone you know. Thank you.  Karen Klinger


Marilynne L. Mellander



  1. NOTE!!!! The cost of the one day MORR conference which includes lunch is $65.00 – NOT $655.00!!!!

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