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Posted by xaviervir on June 4, 2010

In this mornings paper, there is an interesting front page article titled: ‘Urban Renewal grinding to a halt’. Redevelopment agencies in Contra Costa County are facing state take-aways over the next two years.  The state is raiding redevelopment funds.  The state is asking the city of San Pablo to repay $  7,155,496 .  San Pablo’s plan to renovate  Davis Park to the tune of $30 million is being put on hold.  *It’s time for the city of  San Pablo to think about down sizing our redevelopment agency.  If we have no money to do anything, we need to start cutting our payroll.



  1. Let’s just hope the Feds don’t decide to bailout the thousands of US redevelopment agencies. With the failing economy all over the US, it wouldn’t surprise me if this happened.
    The Feds are using redevelopment to slowly but surely make single family home ownership a thing of the past….Goodbye American Dream

    • annabel said

      It seems to me that the San Pablo City Council wants to make home ownership a thing of the past as well. The new mixed zoning ordinances that have been introduced include apartments all up and down San Pablo Avenue and 23rd Street. It’s not enough that we have the have the highest density per square mile and the highest percentage of rental households in Contra Costa County. The city wants more renters…and more renters…

      San Pablo also has;
      ·the lowest percentage of high school graduates (62.4%)
      · the lowest percentage of persons with a bachelor degree or higher (10.4%)
      · the lowest median household income ($37,184)
      · the second highest percentage of violent crime compared to it’s population (1.04%)
      · the highest percentage of property crime compared to the city’s population (3.92%)
      · the highest percentage of persons living below the poverty level (18.1%)
      · 8.4 % of it’s housing stock is section 8

      The city manager mentioned something about being annexed by Richmond if the city wasn’t able to increase it’s revenues. Personally, I thought the casino was supposed to take care of that. If the city gets 10 million per year from the casino and the casino operates for 10 years that’s $100,000,000. and if you save half of that you’ve got $50,000,000. Now if you put it in a secure, low interest bearing account at 5% you can make $2,500,000. per year. and if you do this for another 10 years you can have interest income of $5,000,000. per year. Eventually, the interest income would equal the revenue from the casino and for those of us who didn’t vote for the casino – we could shut it down…

      but then again with the city council voting to spend 20 million annually I guess we do in fact need a casino…

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