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Posted by xaviervir on May 5, 2010

We want to thank all the San Pablo residents  and those living outside of San Pablo who came to our defense and fought along side us in this most difficult campaign against Eminent Domain.  We thank all the people who passed out flyers, who marched in the  picket lines and  who went door to door informing their neighbors about the threat of Eminent Domain.  All your hard work has paid off.  We have shown what a community can do when we all work together.   A special ‘THANKS’ must go out to Olivia and her family, for all their hard work, from printing up countless flyers and petitions, for making all those phone calls  and most importantly, for  providing us with a space to have our meetings.  Thank you Olivia and family!

Many of us feel that a ‘Victory Pot Luck Party’ is in order.  We feel that we should all meet once again to celebrate our victory and to exchange names and addresses.  For now, we all need to rest and catch up with our sleep.  But check out the blog for info on our ‘Victory Party’.   We’re looking for a place to have a party sometime in June.

THE BLOG LIVES ON! This ‘blog’ will live on. The Eminent Domain problem has been stopped for now, but there are a lot of things about San Pablo that can be done to make this a better place to live.  I think we ought to start out with a new City Council.  Our present City Council seems to think that’ they know better than we do’  or ‘we just don’t get it’.  Well I’m here to say that ‘we get it alright’ .   We get it that you don’t give a damn about the people of San Pablo!  We need a change at City Hall!  We need to send this City Council packing!

So we’re looking for candidates to run for City Council.  If someone is interested in running for City Council, let’s hear from you.

Thanks again people.  This victory is your victory!

-Xavier Viramontes


4 Responses to “THANK YOU! THANK YOU!”

  1. annabel said


    The party pot luck sounds like a great idea! I was at city hall last night and they were having their own catered dinner to welcome the new city manager. Let’s echo their sentiment by having a celebration of our newly formed community!


    • nubody1 said

      A catered dinner for the new city manager? That’s interesting. And did the people pay for it and not get an invitation? I didn’t get one. Did you? I don’t see it on the city calendar. So if we ask, will the city say “Oh, the budget is tight. We couldn’t afford to invite you all, so we just invited ourselves. But you get to pay for it. We’re only doing what’s good for you.” Will they never learn?

  2. nubody1 said

    Disagree per jump in to immediately replace city council. Makes no sense, strategically, to punish positive behavior. They did what was requested. Reinforce it. Work with them when they do the correct thing. Move to options if they insist on continuing to act against the interests of the people. I am concerned with neither their personalities nor motives. I care only about how their decisions affect the people.
    More importantly, the real problem is systemic. City councils across California and, indeed, the US are made up of people who win their seats on the basis of their personality and financial backing rather than their knowledge of the many complex intricate moving parts of the system that is a city. And they are in low paid, part-time positions.
    The result? They are completely dependent on the city manager,(highly pay and full time), to not only inform them, but also to educate them. Example: “You mean the money is gone?” (council member to manager at open meeting.) Clearly, this council member doesn’t read the financial news and understand how national and state occurrences must inevitably affect cities. I think I recall one saying “You mean over 90% of the city is in project areas?” That’s basic knowledge of the city. I could go on at length on the demonstrations of city council members that indicate they are ill-informed and how millions have left this city with little or no benefit to the people. All with ‘good intentions’? Sure. But that is insufficient to do a decent job, one that affects so many. The point is there is an imbalance of power between the city manager who presents options and the city council that approves or rejects them. Among other things, this invites favoritism and corruption.
    The only solution to this situation is to train people for city council. We must have people who have a basic knowledge of how a city works, including finance. This is the only way to counteract the imbalance of power between the different parts of our government and the government and the people. A democratically run structure requires information, (i.e. education) of both the people and decision makers. Has training people for city council been tried in other cities? Don’t know. Will it work? Don’t know. But in these unprecedented turbulent economic times, we’d better start thinking out of the box. Things may get much worse, and some excellent authorities say they will. This is not a time to replace faulty parts with more faulty parts. We need something that works.
    Finally, for those of you that would jump in on the tails of our ‘victory’ and use it for your personal gain, I urge you to think carefully. You may find yourself on the hot seat rather on a throne of glory for many reasons I won’t go into here. Continue to work for the people, to build community. Your willingness to dig in,educate yourself and commit to the long term is evidence of your worthiness of the bigger job. Keep working. Your turn will come.

    Best regards, Shelby

    • Celtica said

      I agree that it makes no sense strategically to immediately replace the City Council when they did what was asked (demanded)by the citizens. I probably won’t vote for Councilman Cruz the next time he runs, though.


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