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Posted by xaviervir on April 20, 2010

Last nights meeting with the City Council went really well.  The big picket rally in front of City Hall was a big success.  We had 3 television crews interview people in the picket line.  Hopefully we’ll get some TV coverage.  The meeting at the Senior Center lasted until 11pm.  It was good to see so many people come up to address the City Council.  Everyone spoke very clearly in their opposition to eminent domain  and their opposition to the Redevelopment Agency’s plans for our city.  It was especially moving to see the children come up and express their opinions.  The meeting ended at 11pm with the City Council voting to postpone their vote on granting the power of eminent domain to the Redevelopment Agency until the end of the MAY 3 meeting.   At the MAY 3 meeting, residents will be allowed to continue to express their opinions.  So keep up the fight!  Tell your friends and neighbors what’s happening and we’ll all see one another at the MAY 3 meeting.



9 Responses to “LAST NIGHTS MEETING”

  1. A video and photos of the events last night can be seen at:

    Youtube video of Sasaki interview:

  2. San Pablo postpones eminent domain decision

    By Tom Lochner
    Contra Costa Times

    The future of eminent domain in San Pablo remained in limbo after a four-hour City Council meeting this week that appeared to change few minds among the more than 200 people attending, many of them angry, scared and convinced that the city has a secret plan to kick them out of their homes.

    The council, pondering whether to renew eminent domain powers for another 12 years in the more than 90 percent of the city that is in a redevelopment area, postponed a decision to May 3 at the earliest.

    Monday’s meeting, the fourth since February dealing with the topic, was held at the San Pablo Senior Center because of the anticipated high turnout. Before the meeting, opponents of eminent domain gathered in the City Hall parking lot wielding signs that read “Hands Off My Home” and “Hands Off My Business.” The placards, co-organizer and business owner Olivia Liou said, were supplied by the Castle Coalition, part of the Institute for Justice, a nationwide libertarian group with an emphasis on eminent domain abuse.

    Mayor Leonard McNeil, City Manager Brock Arner and Assistant City Manager Kelsey Worthy took pains to convince the audience that although there is no immediate plan to invoke eminent domain, the redevelopment agency might need the land-acquisition tool in the future to assemble sites for commercial or residential development.

    Worthy gave a PowerPoint presentation touting existing redevelopment projects and programs, including improvements

    • nubody1 said

      Tom knew the maps show the city is taking houses. I showed him those maps at the meeting. Why didn’t he mention it? Why aren’t the city salaries on the CCTimes site like the other cities when he has a copy? Why, when you click ‘your city’ on the Times, other cities come up, but not San Pablo? We get such ‘special treatment’ from the CCTimes, from the city manager, from the planning manager, from the building department, and even from our own city council. PEOPLE OF SAN PABLO ! SHOW THEM HOW SPECIAL WE ARE !

  3. CAROLYN said

    Hello i want to contact more newsstations and let them know that is occuring so we can get the word out. Where and what time will the next meeting take place?
    I also suggest we keep talking to news stations and getting the word out. Lets also have more protests. Let’s show them we are not stupid

  4. E said

    Here’s some youtube footage of the rally.

  5. E said

    Also, will there be another rally May 3rd?

    • nubody1 said

      Yes on rally May 3rd, 6 pm. Meeting at 2025 Rumrill May 1, 10:30 AM. Need help passing out fliers. If you can call Olivia at 375-2007. Also THEY ARE TAKING HOUSES !
      GOOGLE; san pablo ca>search (type in)San Pablo Avenue Specific Plan>Community Workshop Summary> p.8,9. Blow up maps. They are taking plenty of houses. First these then whose? If these Amendments pass, they can take anything. PASS THE WORD. TELL NEIGHBORS. COPY MAPS TO SHOW THEM. PASS OUT FLIERS. DON’T LET THEM DO THIS.

  6. xaviervir said

    E – Our group, San Pablo Against Eminent Domain is trying to set up our own meeting before the City Hall meeting on May 3. At our own meeting, we’ll talk about another rally and our next step. Check this blog for info. Thanks. X

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