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Posted by xaviervir on April 20, 2010

At last nights meeting, the City Council denied that there was a report listing  300 homes as severely dilapidated, deteriorated,unsafe and unhealthy.  The following letter was sent today to the City Council and to members of the press.

Mayor McNeil, Council Persons, City Attorney and Mr. Lochner:

There seemed to be confusion in regards to the list of severe dilapidated, deteriorated, unsafe and unhealthy homes on the City of San Pablo Field Survey.

Please refer to the report by Tierra West Advisors “Draft report to the City Council for the proposed amendments to the redevelopment plans for the Tenth Township and Legacy Redevelopment Projects”.

Page B-3, last paragraph: “The survey encompassed all the properties within the Project Area and examined the existing physical conditions of each parcel, as observed from the public right-of-way.  Field survey information gathered by the City of San Pablo’s Code Enforcement Department (“SPCED”) was also obtained.  During the field survey each parcel has its own survey sheet and is identified by parcel numbers using County Assessor parcel maps.”

So, it appears that the list, if information was obtained from SPCED is to be correct per the

Tierra West Advisors.

The property owners do not agree, as was stated by them last night.

Just to let you know.

Take care,



7 Responses to “ABOUT THOSE 300 HOMES”

  1. Invite. MORR Conference on Eminent Domain abuse. Sat May 1st. Ontario Airport Marriott.
    Keynote speaker. I.J. Scott Bullock, senior attorney representing Susette Kelo v. city of New London, CT. Scott presented oral arguments before US Supreme Court.
    Details. Email

  2. annabel said

    Thanks for taking the time to look into who’s responsible for the blight survey. I think we should separate out exactly what each party contributed to the survey by obtaining copies of the original documents. Copies should be obtained directly from Tierra West Advisors as well as SPCED. This should confirm what each party submitted. If the inconsistencies came from Tierra West Advisors, we need to get our money back. If the inconsistencies came from the SPCED we should investigate how this type of incompetence could occur and identify the offending party. Someone needs to be held accountable.

    • nubody1 said

      I like your thinking, though consider it is all less a case of incompetence than a co-ordinated strategy to deprive the people of their land and turn it over to developers for big profits. The thinking behind it is San Pablo people really don’t deserve to live on such valuable property. They are low-income,have low education, and many are immigrants who can’t speak English. Just don’t tell them too much and it will all be accomplished before they understand what happened to them. Moreover, it is all arranged so the people who live here pay for cutting their own throats with higher taxes and bond debt. b I have not come to conclusion lightly. I have been on the General Plan Advisory Committee for a year and read endless pages of reports on their plans, Plan A, Plan B which will be implemented by eminent domain….or other means. google:san pablo ca>San Pablo Avenue Specific>Community Workshop Summary>p8,9. for maps showing they are taking houses. See p 11 “entire depth of block..” There are houses on the backside of San Pablo Avenue, including mine. Read the Amendments on the city site. Notice they didn’t read them at the meeting. They can take anything under that language.
      We need help, Annabel, mostly to pass out fliers. call Olivia at 375-2007 to get them. Tell your neighbors. Pass the word. Come to the meeting May 1st, 10:30 AM.
      And keep writing. I’m interested in your thoughts.

      • annabel said

        Well, I read through the contract and the amendments and my heart is broken. I can’t believe our city council would out and out lie to the citizens like they have. They must think we are stupid…

    • Larry Martin said

      Now that we have made the bums at the City end Eminent Domain, I am still left with this question in my mind…………Is Annabel single?

      • annabel said


        I don’t think the bummm….aah “persons” at city hall have put an end to anything. I think we have just slowed them down a little… I imagine they are all scurrying around city hall trying to come up with a diversion strategy…what our tax dollars wont buy us… And to answer your question I am very single. Unless you count a dog, 2 cats, and 4 birds…no children, currently unemployed but working on my portfolio. I graduated with a degree in Architecture last year and with the economy the way it is I haven’t been too eager to look for work. But this eminent domain nonsense has really inspired me! What about you???


  3. See city’s redevelopment site:

    A PDF file of the so-called “Tenth Township Plan”
    prepared in 1996 by the Rosenow-Spevacek Group, Inc. out of Santa Ana, the same group that prepared the smart growth conversion plan for El Sobrante

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