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Posted by xaviervir on April 2, 2010

This ‘blog’ is for the people of San Pablo.  Send us your comments.  At the bottom of each article is a comment box.  Just click it and you can type your comments.  Misspelled words are fine and creative phrasing  is also O.K.   The main thing is that you let us know how you feel about the city of San Pablo and how we can all work together to make this a better place to live.  * Also, you’ll want to  read Shelby’s article on Eminent Domain and what happened to the Circle ‘S’ property. It makes for a good read.  It’s just too bad it’s happening in our town.



3 Responses to “LET’S HEAR FROM YOU”

  1. xaviervir said

    This is a test to see if the comment box is working.

  2. annabel said


    In memory of the Circle S trailer park, I would like to see the property turned into a community garden. With over 50% of our cities housing stock devoted to rental housing it seems like maybe these residents might like to do a little gardening… Personnally, I get tired of going to the store and wondering were my food is coming from. The grapes from Chile are sour, and the produce that comes from the valley isn’t very good. Most of the citrus is dry. I haven’t had a good kiwi in years (they pick it too soon). The only thing that is guaranteed to be good are the Driscoll strawberries and I’m certain those are genetically engineered. Anyone out there for some reasonably priced organic local produce???


  3. nubody1 said

    Annabel : Garden an interesting idea. Wonder about the carbon monoxide from San Pablo Avenue. Certainly better than “mixed use” (Gangapuram’s idea-planning manager)which adds population and will increase our taxes for necessary increase in city services. Heard US food can’t have certain toxins, but imports can. Russia rejected US chicken ($80M deal) because it’s washed in chlorine, well known carcinogen. Mexico rejected our meat because of too high levels of copper. EU (European Union) has preventative policy. You must first prove no harm before you can sell. When Government took over health care they decided they could not afford so many sick people, so they cleaned up the food. Not here. I suspect the whole food industry as well and insurance and pharma was behind reject of Medicare for all. It’s called ‘free market.’ Keep the people sick to fund the medical (and other) industry. Check out BPA that’s in most all clear plastic, lining of canned foods, etc. on the medical sites. Causes multiple medical problems, including obesity, leading to diabetes. And the people are told it’s their diet or lack of exercise. Everybody goes around sucking on those water bottles. They serve them at the City Committee meetings….free. Drink your toxins free, compliments of the City, paid for by the tax payer……..Shelby PS:How ’bout organic gardens all over the city? Condemn those houses owned by the banks, rip them out, and make a little park/garden every ten blocks or so? Your thoughts? Also: I was toying with idea of school for that site. Get San Pablo kids out of Richmond High. Gangapuram says no. School must have 40 acres. One of many statements contrary to fact he certainly should (and likely does) know. Salesian has approximately same number of acres as Circle S, and there are approximately same number of San Pablo students at Richmond as at Salesian. San Pablo can never be a ‘quality town’ with school scores at the bottom, as they now are. And multiply our $6k per student to total. Where’s all that money going? School scores affect house values. Kids can’t perform with possible rape around the corner and they are not getting properly prepared for college. But the city council does nothing about this. Anyway, yes on the garden(s), no on city using our city property for developer profits, eating up our green space and the Plan A, Plan B. Help passing out fliers. People in group using time to write and read city reports for next meeting. Even an hour would help. call Olivia @ 510-375-2007.

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