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Posted by xaviervir on March 30, 2010

The San Pablo City Council has scheduled a series of meetings at City Hall on Monday nights.  The remaining meetings are:

APRIL 5 – 7 pm (Council Chambers)

APRIL 19 – 7pm  (SENIOR CENTER ) * Last chance to speak out against restoring eminent domain authority to the Redevelopment Agency.

MAY 3 – 7pm (Maple Hall)

(Of the meetings listed above, the most important one is the meeting on April 19.  We need a big turn out for that meeting.)



  1. Brent S. said

    I got the flier in the mail and it says they don’t want houses.I dont see the big deal. Maybe this is wake up call to keep the houses nice. The government is going to do what there going to do. They want to build store and commercial stuff, because thats what makes money $$

    • nubody1 said

      Here’s the “big deal”:
      -The City Planning Department has created a plan called Alternative A, Alternative B that will take many houses, including mine. Don’t take my word for it. See for yourself. Google:San Pablo ca>search-type in: San Pablo Specific Plan>Community Workshop Summary>pg8,pg9 (PDF pgs). Blow up those maps and look carefully.
      -p.11 “entire depth of block..” There are houses on back side of SP Ave. that run for blocks
      -p.20 “office and hotel in the back half of the block..” 2,3 stories high…
      -p.21 “residentatial, office, hotel and retail”…2-4 stories high
      These plans were introduced to the General Plan Advisory Committee at the first meeting February 2009. It must have taken 6 months (more like a year) to develope them. It requires extensive survey evaluation, legal research, state governmental regulation research, etc. I believe the budget for the GP was $800,000 and count more for all the salaries in the planning department and consultants.

      Now think it through, Bret. Do you think the city planners (none who live here or pay taxes here)are planning for something all this time that isn’t going to be done? Spending all that money? Who told them to? Likely the city manager who also doesn’t live here or pay taxes here and we pay $238,000 per year. He hires the planner who makes $120,000 per year.
      -You want to make “houses nice”? How much did the survey of 90+ pages listing every house cost? Why wasn’t that money, the people’s money, spent on the people to help fix up their houses ?
      -“stores and commercial…that’s what makes money”. Nope. All tax increment money (meaning all money from anything in a project area, ( which is 95% of San Pablo) goes to pay bond debt. The bond $$ is taken out (like a mortgage)to bulldoze the land and buy out those businesses and residents on the property and declare eminent domain if they don’t co-operate. The City gets no money for the General Fund for city services. But new people and new buildings always require more police, more fire protaction, more schools and teachers…endless more services. And that must be paid for with higher taxes on existing residents as the new tax money goes to the bond debt. See pg.63, CAFR,2008 on city site. DON’T TAKE MY WORD FOR IT. SEE FOR YOURSELF.
      -“governments going to do…”.Only if we let them. You want to roll over and take what’s left over, if anything? Stand up and fight ! These people are determined to take our land and change it from a small town to a conjested, high crime mini city. They want to get rid of all of us and they are going to make big $$ doing it. It’s reverse Robin Hood. Take from the poor and give to the rich., mostly developers and consultants.

      Bret, don’t misunderstand me. I’m no do-gooder. I just want to live in a town that works. I’m a low income person, like so many here, but I have some education and have taken para-legal after my degree. And I have been going to Committee meetings, city council meetings and looking over the budget for close to two years. The people are really getting shafted. And all approved by the city council. We’ve got to change it. You can roll over if you want. I sure as hell will not. Anyway, I’m glad you wrote what you wrote. I want to hear from all the people. You’re my community.

      • annabel said

        Hello Nubody1,
        Maybe you can answer a question for me. I’ve read through the flyer that was handed out by the RDA from the April 19th meeting and among eminent domain actions they have listed “Binh Chau”. I looked this address up and it appears to be the old Caspers building. It states that it’s disposition is still in progress. Do you know the reason they are taking this man’s property?

  2. Kim Shotola said

    I am an associate, in SoCal, of a San Pablo homeowner who is out of the country. Just found out about this today through his neighbor. Will try to find a proxy to attend the meeting Monday.

    Read your blog and wanted to thank you and encourage you to keep up the good fight. Also, a few years back, the City of El Sobrante had a similar issue as the citizens fought redevelopment of San Pablo Dam Rd.

    Thank you for your tireless efforts and thorough research. I look forward to reading you next update.

  3. Kim Shotola said


    Wanted to ask…doesn’t the city have a legal obligation to perform a thorough inspection by a contractor or structural engineer before declaring a property unsafe, etc? The neighbor I spoke to said the city declared their foundation unsound, yet no one has formerly inspected property.

    Kim in SoCal

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